Kelly Riddle: Renowned Private Investigator and Industry Leader

Biography of Kelly Riddle, Owner and President

Kelly Riddle, acclaimed as America's Top Private Investigator in 2022 by PI Magazine, is a distinguished figure in the private investigation industry. With a career spanning several decades, Riddle has held numerous key positions and earned prestigious awards, reflecting his expertise and dedication to the field.

Professional Roles and Achievements

  • Texas Association of Licensed Investigators:

    • Past President (2010-2012): Guided the association through critical years, implementing significant improvements.
    • President-Elect (2009-2010): Played a pivotal role in strategic planning and member engagement.
    • Board of Directors (2007-2009): Contributed to policy making and organizational growth.
  • Council of Association Leaders:

    • Founder/President (2012 – Present): Spearheaded this influential group, fostering collaboration among industry leaders.
  • Association of Christian Investigators:

    • Founder/President (1997 – Present): Established and leads this unique organization blending faith with professional investigation.
  • Florida Association of Private Investigators:

    • Advisory Board Member (2015 – Present): Provides strategic advice, enhancing the association's effectiveness.
  • Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas:

    • Board of Directors (2011 – 2014): Advocated for transparency and access to information.
  • Intellenet, National Association of Legal Investigators (NALI), Can You Identify Me, and Council of International Investigators:

    • Board of Directors: Influences industry standards and practices through active board participation.
  • American Society of Industrial Security, San Antonio:

    • Membership Chair (2013 – Present): Drives membership growth and engagement in the San Antonio chapter.
  • Florida Association of Professional Investigators:

    • Charter Member (2006): Founding member, contributing to the association's inception and growth.
  • U.S. Association of Professional Investigators:

    • Charter Member (2005): Played a foundational role in establishing the association.
  • National Council of Investigation and Security Services (NCISS):

    • Board of Directors: Actively participates in setting industry standards.

Memberships in Professional Organizations: Kelly Riddle is a proud member of numerous prestigious organizations, including TALI, NAIS, INTELLENET, NALI, FAPI, CALI, ASIS, NCISS, USAPI, ACI, PICA, WIN, CII, NLLI, CTIP, CLEAR, IOPIA, TIDA, ASSIST, and ISPLA.

Awards and Honors:

  • TALI Hudgins-Sallee Award (2013): Recognized for exceptional contributions to the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators.
  • TALI Texas Certified Investigator Award (2011): Honored for outstanding investigative work.
  • TALI Board of Directors Award (2008 & 2010): Acknowledged for significant contributions to the board.
  • TALI President’s Board of Directors Award (2012): Awarded for exemplary leadership.
  • NALI Editors-Publishers Award (2004): Recognized for contributions to industry publications.
  • CII Council of International Investigators Designation (2009): Honored for international investigative excellence.
  • Intellenet Board Accredited Investigator (2015): Accredited for professional investigation skills.
  • NAIS PI of the Year (1998): Awarded for exceptional investigative achievements.
  • PI Magazine PI of the Year (1997 & 2020): Honored as the Private Investigator of the Year, reflecting unparalleled expertise.
  • NAIS Top 25 PIs of the 20th Century: Recognized as one of the most influential private investigators of the 20th century.

Kelly Riddle's career is a testament to his enduring dedication and remarkable skill in the field of private investigation, making him a respected leader and a source of inspiration in the industry.