January 12, 2024 - BY Admin

The Importance of Pre-Employment Screening

Businesses that rely on security, safety, and customer trust depend on employees that can also be trusted. Pre-employment backgrounds have become truly affordable and the liability associated with not doing these are huge!

Ensure the employees being hired do not pose a threat. Additionally, all companies have some type of sensitive information that can be stolen, sold or otherwise exposed. According to a 2017 study, 75 percent of applicants were caught in lies by human resources managers. These lies ranged from inflating the titles of their previous positions to covering up terminations — even concealing criminal records. What else could they be covering up?

Appropriate Hiring

When you hire someone whose experience isn’t accurately represented by their resume, or they have already been convicted of crimes or other misdemeanors, you’re leaving the door wide open for trouble at your own business. That’s why when you are preparing to hire a new employee, you should be secure in the knowledge that they meet this criteria:

  • Trustworthiness. Lies on the resumé are a quick way to measure a candidate’s ability to be trusted — or not.
  • A clean criminal record. Crimes committed on the job can include theft, drug use or violent behavior. Such behavior could continue in the employee’s new position, bringing trouble into your workplace.
  • Financial issues. Bankruptcies and financial issues can indicate problems that can carry over to the workplace, including theft from employers and co-workers.
  • A good driving history. Not only does a record filled with moving violations serve as a red flag for a potential employee’s reckless attitude, it also indicates the risk that such an employee may bring by operating machinery and company vehicles unsafely.

Avoid the Pitfalls

Along with avoiding these potential pitfalls, employee screening can also substantially reduce insurance risks and liabilities.

Kelmar Global knows how vital employee screening is to keep work environments safe and secure. Using their secure platform, “RecordPros,” our clients can run pre-employment backgrounds themselves.

For situations that require a higher level of analysis, Kelmar Global also maintains a full staff of licensed private investigators available when more in-depth research or investigation is required.

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