Countermeasures & Security

The use of intrusion devices to obtain sensitive information is typically illegal and can cost companies untold damage to their reputation, as well as monetary loss. To prevent this liability, an aggressive security and countermeasures program should be implemented immediately.

In addition to the initial analysis, follow-up evaluations should be conducted. Kelmar Global has provided countermeasure services to government agencies, corporate and private businesses, and individuals. We have evaluated buildings, warehouses, offices, and construction areas.

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For more information about countermeasures, call Kelmar Global at (888) 873-1714. If you are considering hiring a countermeasures expert, DO NOT contact the agency using a telephone or computer that may have been compromised.

Understanding the Evaluation Process

  • Evaluation process: The type of intrusion device being utilized is usually directly proportionate to a client’s level of threat. During our initial evaluation, our private investigators will ask questions to determine the nature of your business, current risk factors such as pending litigation or new products or patents being considered, competition issues and other questions that will help identify the threat level.
  • Pre-sweep: Technicians will conduct pre-sweep evaluations of the general area, exterior, and perimeter for unusual equipment or individuals. The telephone company’s junction/bridge equipment will be evaluated as well as the client’s property.
  • Sweep summary: A team of technicians will conduct a sweep. Each room will be analyzed for recording devices, microphones, and related intrusion devices. The technicians will also review each telephone set individually, as well as each telephone line. Wall outlets will be inspected for illicit transmitters (“hoppers”) carrying communication signals. All wiring will be inspected as well as the walls, floors, and ceilings. Technicians will deploy ultra-violet markings on key equipment and telephones to assist in identifying tampering in follow-up investigations.

What If Something Is Found?

While conducting the primary evaluation, technicians will make additional notes of other security issues such as open and unlocked office doors, computers left on or unprotected by passwords, lack of paper shredders, and related security issues. These items will be brought to the client’s attention upon conclusion of the evaluation as a secondary review.

Locating the method of intrusion is only one part of a true countermeasures investigation. Should a device be located, technicians will photograph and document the presence of the device and initiate a chain of custody element. Through consideration with the client, a plan of action will be implemented for further documenting those responsible.

What If Nothing Is Found?

The lack of findings may indicate other elements of intrusion such as the client’s trash being absconded, disgruntled employees, air ventilation systems inadvertently used to listen to conversations, and a host of other possibilities. Should this be the case, Kelmar Global’s skilled technicians will assist the client in identifying these situations.

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