Dallas Private Investigators

Private investigators have a number of uses in both business and personal life. Our Dallas Private Investigators may be able to catch:

  • stealing
  • cheating
  • unauthorized entry
  • security breaches
  • or a number of other problematic behaviors
We provide you with concrete evidence in the form of:
  • photos
  • videos
  • audio recordings
  • documentation
  • testimonies

Dallas Local Knowledge

Our Dallas private investigators are trained and familiar with the local community in order to help residents who need these kinds of services. Also, keep in mind that Dallas is a large metropolitan area, and it certainly helps to deal with an investigator who is familiar with the city, people, institutions, and surrounding neighborhoods. Dallas residents who may need investigative services are strongly encouraged to keep reading and learn about possible areas of concern.

Why would I need a Dallas private investigator?

Dallas Private Investigators There are a number of reasons why you may want to contact a private investigator. In divorce cases, Infidelity Investigations routinely uncover inappropriate behavior. We can track the suspect and provide real details and records instead of just accusations. Background checks on individual candidates are also a common way of detecting past and present misconduct with the help of an investigator. Our detailed background profiles include:

  • where a subject has lived
  • any financial problems they may have had
  • or pending and past civil and criminal cases against them

Feel Safe and Secure

Another use of private investigator services which is sometimes overlooked is the ability to create countermeasures against security breaches. Businesses along with their buildings, computers, and telephone systems can often be leaking sensitive, private information to third parties who are collecting this data illegally. Investigators can help discover these kinds of losses and implement protective measures immediately. Employees can also be monitored through surveillance and hidden cameras to detect illegal or inappropriate conduct in the workplace. This evidence can be presented to the employee in any decisions made about their status.

We See All The Angles

Insurance is also a huge potential source of revenue for those who are engaged in unethical behavior. Insurance fraud costs millions each year, and private investigators can help uncover automobile, homeowner's, life, or worker's compensation fraud. The sums of money involved in a fraud scheme often make the cost of an investigator well worth the investment rather than risking significant losses. There are a number of other areas such as specialized services for security firms, government, law enforcement, and law firms that are available.

Get in Touch with our Dallas Private Investigators

Kelmar Global has private investigators in Dallas with the proper certifications and professional experience to help you. The company was founded by Kelly Riddle, a highly decorated investigator with years of training and numerous awards. Kelmar Global has also been previously rated as number one in the U.S. by P.I. Magazine. For more information about any of these services or additional help finding the right Dallas private investigators, please contact us today.