Dallas Background Checks

What information can a private investigator find when conducting Dallas background checks?

Whether you’re considering going into business with someone or want to make sure your new acquaintance is who he says he is, you’ve probably considered reaching out to a professional for help. For Dallas background checks, Kelmar Global’s licensed private investigators can put your mind at ease or reveal potential problems about a person you need to know better. Here are some of the things that background checks can show:

Criminal history

The first thing that comes to mind for a background check is a criminal history and with good reason. Dallas background checks can show if a person has been arrested and convicted of crimes including stealing, selling drugs, and abusing children. A licensed private investigator goes beyond a simple web search. In Texas, the final outcome of a case has to be reported to the Department of Public Safety before it appears on the public website. Sometimes this never happens, so their website’s information will be outdated and incorrect. Background checks can provide more accurate information because they go beyond the free information online.

History of lawsuits

A person’s experience in the court system isn’t limited to criminal courts. If you’re considering doing business with someone or spending the rest of your life with them, you may want to know whether the person is a frequent plaintiff suing others for perceived wrongdoing or a defendant being sued for lack of payment. Our Dallas Background checks will search civil court records to uncover lawsuits filed by and against your person of interest. The private investigator will be able to conduct a national search to uncover if your target owes money to civil creditors, won a settlement in a court case, or had to defend themselves against allegations of wrongdoing.

Professional licenses and education

People claim to have graduated from a prestigious school or to hold a professional license in order to appear credible and reliable when renting a house or selling a business. Unfortunately, some people lie about their qualifications thinking no one will catch them. In 2006, RadioShack’s CEO was discovered to have lied about holding two college degrees when he had none. Don’t let this happen to you. By hiring a private investigator to conduct Dallas background checks, you can uncover the truth behind someone’s flashy resume. PIs do the leg work for you, contacting professional schools and associations to verify certificates and degrees.

Previous residences and other property

If you want to know if a person really is from where she claims or whether someone is hiding assets in another state, a Private Investigator can help. Dallas background checks aren’t limited to finding information located in Dallas. A background check will uncover previous places someone has lived so you can verify their truthfulness. Our Dallas Private Investigators will also use this information to search criminal, civil, and property records in that area. An investigator can also uncover whether someone has real estate holdings or other recorded property, information that is useful to have if you’re considering loaning money or if the person has claimed they can’t pay you back.

These are not the only areas that Kelmar Global Private Investigators will explore when conducting background checks for you or your business. For more information, contact our Dallas Private Investigators today.