Dallas Corporate Investigations

Cases of embezzlement, theft or fraud are nothing new in corporate organizations. Every other day there is an employee who manipulated accounting data, another one who bagged tax money, and that payroll fraudster who created ‘ghost’ employees and kept pocketing their ‘salaries’. Most of these cases happen in companies because of opportunistic theft – you place your full trust in an employee, but then they take advantage of that trust to steal from you. That is why we are here to offer our Dallas corporate investigations and protect your company from fraudsters.

Protect company data with Dallas corporate investigations

Have you woken up one day to find that the company’s proprietary information or sensitive information and data about potential business partners is missing? Later on, you learn that your competitor, your biggest rival, is using your trade secrets and also holding meetings with your prospective business partner?

Data theft is common in business and always has a substantial impact on the company’s health. Employees’ greed can be overwhelming to the extent that they are willing to trade company data for profit. Do not leave your data unprotected, Dallas corporate investigations can help you.

No more abuse of the company’s network

Privileged users always have the authority to access company data and make changes to the company’s network. The company has to trust someone with access to its file systems, source code and many other assets that allow them to make any technical changes or upgrade the systems.

Because they have access to the company’s intellectual property such as confidential product information or corporate data, privileged users can take advantage and misuse/abuse proprietary information. They can easily get around the controls that restrict other unauthorized users and abuse their power to perform tasks, making the organization lose its revenues to fraud.

We can help with workplace violence preparedness

Once a company grows and accommodates more employees, there is bound to be workplace violence in one way or another. On a daily basis, employers and employees deal with workplace harassment, assault, stalking, verbal abuse and more. Some cases can lead to a homicide. Workplace violence threats and accusations can strike anywhere, regardless of the industry or employer size. Sadly, many of these cases go unreported.

The first step to preventing workplace violence is by recognizing it. With Dallas corporate investigations, risk analysis, strategic planning and other measures, employers can prevent violent incidents at work and be confident with their workplace violence preparedness if such incidences occur.

Dallas corporate investigations can guard your ethical code of conduct

Conduct violations/reputation damage is an area that corporate organizations regard as sensitive. The reason they pay close attention to ethics is the damage ethical violations can cause to the company’s reputation. It is easy for a business to lose customers and employees due to conduct violations.

The speed at which information disseminates can make an ethical misstep challenging to control, and one small act can have a devastating effect on the business’ reputation. Every organization should maintain its ethical code of conduct, and getting help from Dallas corporate investigations will be worth their while.

How Kelmar Global can help

Each corporate organization has to observe the best practices to protect themselves from problematic actions and behaviors that can damage their business. Insider breaches can not only damage the reputation of the company, but they can cost them billions of money.

Dallas corporate investigations can help protect the business reputation and save the company from the severity of the risks. At Kelmar Global, we have a trusted Dallas investigative team that can work with your organization to conduct investigations and prevent your business from succumbing to fraud, embezzlement, workplace violence, and much more.