Dallas Family Law Investigations

Are you afraid that your future-ex is hiding something from you or endangering your children?

Your husband might have a secret bank account hiding money he earned while you were married. Your ex might be using illegal drugs around your children. If you suspect your spouse or co-parent is doing something that would be helpful in your divorce or child custody dispute, it’s not enough to uncover the truth. Dallas Family Law Investigations by a trained Dallas family law investigator from Kelmar Global can help you find evidence to present an effective legal case.

Protect your rights and uncover the truth with our Dallas Family Law Investigations

If you’re worried that your family could be hurt by something your spouse or co-parent is hiding, Kelmar Global may be able to help. Our Dallas family law investigations help you and your attorney gather evidence to give you the upper hand in court. Call us today to set up your free consultation.

How Kelmar Global’s Dallas Family Law investigations help you

Our investigators help Dallas area residents expose hidden secrets and provide legal evidence that can help you in court cases, including:

  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Cohabitation/Alimony
  • Divorce

Child Custody Investigations

It’s natural to worry about who your ex-spouse is bringing around your children. In a child custody dispute, you also want to provide evidence to the judge if the other parent is creating an unsafe living environment for your children.

Our trained Dallas private investigators can use surveillance and access criminal records to:

  • Uncover your spouse’s history of violence through a criminal background check
  • Collect evidence that the other parent is involved in illegal activities
  • Show that your ex-spouse is abusing or neglecting your children

Dallas Family Law investigations by Kelmar Global can help you find out what your spouse has been doing around your children and provide evidence that a judge can’t ignore.

Divorce Asset Allocations

The division of money in a divorce is often hotly contested. Some people try to hide money that belongs to the marriage instead of doing what’s right. Dallas family law investigations can uncover hidden assets and secret bank accounts so that you get what you deserve in your divorce settlement.


If you’re paying alimony or spousal support, your ex-spouse has a good reason to conceal when a new romantic partner moves in.  Dallas family law investigations can uncover evidence to show that your ex is living with someone else. Showing co-habitation may help eliminate or reduce the amount of your court-ordered spousal support.

Let Kelmar Global’s investigators protect your rights and give you peace of mind in your case

If you’re in the middle of a child custody or divorce dispute and don’t have a family law investigator, you may be missing evidence that could help your case. Call Kelmar Global at 214-390-5204 today.