Dallas Insurance Investigations

Insurance companies across the report a high number of claims stemming from cash-strapped homeowners, motorists, and other fraudsters. The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud estimates that insurance fraud robs about $80 billion across all insurance lines. The prevalence of insurance fraud causes insurance companies to act quite cautiously when paying out claims. Kelmar Global has been providing Dallas Insurance investigations to insurance companies and agencies for about three decades.

Our Dallas Insurance investigations services include:

  • Life insurance claims – we provide claim investigations by collecting all necessary evidence and facts to enable you to reject or accept a life insurance claim. People may either claim too much or file a life insurance claim while they are still alive.
  • Workers’ compensation claims – this happens when an employer, employee, or a health care provider knowingly provides inaccurate or incorrect information when filing a claim. Our competent team will perform a thorough investigation to investigate the extent of the accident and whether it occurred while the person was working.
  • Transportation/cargo theft claims – cargo can be stolen in places such as warehouses, storage facilities, truck stops, and so on. We will collect all the necessary evidence that the theft happened.
  • Auto insurance claims – unscrupulous people may try to get compensation for a car which is not stolen or stage an accident and then claim that the other party was at fault.
  • Health insurance claims – health insurance claims can be in the form of falsified medical bills or documents, fraudulent prescriptions, and exaggerated claims. We have a responsibility to provide you with the facts.
  • Homeowners insurance claims – Kelmar Group will investigate the validity of the property damage claims homeowners file.

Why choose Kelmar Global?

As an insurance company, you need to safeguard your company from insurance fraud. This can range from claims for unnecessary medical bills, policy breaches, and staging of road accidents, among others. Most circumstances are reported way after the incident making it difficult for the insurer to validate the claims or prove fraudulent activity.

Our investigations have been proven to reduce insurance payouts. Insurance investigations also result in faster settlements saving you valuable time and resources. All our investigators are highly experienced and professional. We are guided by a culture that supports and upholds quality services. We guarantee client confidentiality, and we will provide you with an accurate and detailed report to help you settle or disprove an insurance claim.

Our office is conveniently located in Dallas, TX, and is staffed with our Dallas investigative team. Contact us today at 214-390-5204.