Dallas Workers Compensation Fraud Investigations

Can Video Surveillance Help Prove a Fraudulent Workers Compensation Claim?

Dallas Workers Compensation Fraud Investigations

As a business owner, workers compensation insurance can be expensive and when employees make fraudulent claims against you, it generally means your insurance premiums will increase. Worker’s compensation fraud can significantly have a negative effect on your profits. Worker’s compensation fraud occurs when an employee makes a false claim about an injury that occurred in the workplace in order to collect disability benefits. If you suspect an employee was either not hurt at all or sustained their injuries outside of the workplace, but claiming it occurred while at work, our Dallas Workers compensation fraud investigations can help protect you against a false or exaggerated injury claim with the use of surveillance and investigation. Here are just 2 of the ways surveillance through Dallas Workers Compensation Fraud investigations from Kelmar Global can help prove an employee is attempting to make a fraudulent workers compensation claim.

Daily Activities

Unless someone has an injury claim that renders them bedridden, they will continue to have a daily routine which usually requires them to leave their home. Under these circumstances, the Dallas Workers Compensation Fraud investigators from Kelmar Global will have the opportunity to record the “injured” employee possibility doing something that would not be possible if they have the injury they claim to have. For example, if someone is claiming a leg injury, yet they are continuing to play in their weekly football game with friends, surveillance will help to show that the individual’s injuries are not as severe as being claimed. If so, the injuries would interfere with the ability to kick a ball and/or run. Investigators will do a thorough analysis of an employee’s injury and compare the injury to what can be expected in regards to their physical activity. Knowing the actual, expected capabilities and their daily routine makes it easier for recorded surveillance and if they are seen doing activities that generally aren’t possible with the type of injury claim, you will have evidence of worker’s compensation fraud.

Driving and Errands

An employee may be claiming that the injuries they sustained prevent them from driving. In this situation, all that is needed to prove fraud is surveillance/video of the person getting into a vehicle and driving away. Or the surveillance may show that they aren’t driving, but are seen walking to the vehicle and getting in or out without any assistance. If it is typical for the alleged type of injury to prevent them from doing this, then the chances are the claims of injury are fraudulent. One of the most common mistakes that people make when claiming a workplace injury is they continue to do errands. For example, they go grocery shopping and are recorded lifting heavy items that should be unrealistic with the type of claimed injury. Video is strong evidence of them lifting when their claimed injuries would prevent it or in some situations, using an arm or hand that they are claiming is unusable.

Kelmar Global’s Dallas Workers Compensation Fraud Investigations

Preventing fraudulent worker’s compensation claims may help keep your premiums down and in extreme situations may even help save your business. The fewer fraudulent claims your business has, the healthier your business finances will be. It is also important to keep in mind that fraudulent insurance claims are a criminal act. Utilizing the services of Kelmar Global for your Dallas workers compensation fraud investigations will not only help to save your business, but bring people to justice as well.

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Dallas Workers Compensation Fraud Investigations

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