Finding a nanny you can trust to care for your children can be difficult. How can you tell if they will be responsible enough to leave your children with while you are at work? Are they going to be attentive to your children, or ignore their needs while they do other things? Are they reliable and focused on safety, or prone to distraction?

Recent news stories about nannies neglecting or abusing their children have inspired some parents to resort to more extreme measures when it comes to selecting someone to care for their kids. A growing number of parents are hiring private investigators to spy on their kids’ babysitters before they hire them. Private investigator firms, including Kelmar Global, are getting more calls than ever before to tail potential babysitters and report any suspicious activity. While nanny cams are widely used by parents to keep an eye on things inside the home, it can often be what goes on outside of the home that is the most telling. That is where a private investigator can help.

One of the worst things a babysitter can do outside of the home would be to leave a child unattended while they entered a store, talked with other people, or used their phones. This happens more often than many people would guess. It is also important to note whether they exercise caution crossing streets or if they take time to make sure the child is safe and comfortable in their stroller. These are just some of the many things private investigators take into consideration to help their client make an informed decision who to hire.

ABC News recently reported on hiring private investigators to look in on nannies. To learn more about the story, click here.

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