Read About Cases We’ve Handled

Cash Register Theft

A client requested Kelmar Global to conduct an investigation in reference to an employee suspected of stealing money from a cash register. Kelmar Global placed a hidden video camera in a smoke detector above the register. The employee was observed breaking into and stealing money out of the register. The tape was featured on REAL-TV and the Montel Williams Show.

Domestic Surprise

A client asked our investigators to determine if her spouse was cheating on her. The first afternoon we conducted surveillance, the subject was followed as he picked up his girlfriend and went to an abandoned house where he parked his truck behind the house. Kelmar Global entered the abandoned house and obtained video of the couple engaged in a compromising position. While uninstalling hidden cameras in the subject’s house, investigators found a hidden compartment under the water bed containing 19 fully automatic rifles, 30 cases of ammunition, patches indicating he was a member of a militia, a gas mask and a stock-pile of bottled water & food.

Mexico – Going Undercover

A client requested Kelmar Global to spend a week south of Cancun, Mexico trying to get close to a person and prove their general character. Our operatives were able to obtain video and audio tapes of the subject confessing to 19 felonies, offering the investigators drugs, explaining how they smuggled guns and dynamite into Mexico and how he had his truck “disappear” to collect insurance.

The Citation

Kelmar Global was asked to locate a defendant in a lawsuit involving fraudulent business practices. After locating the subject, who had successfully eluded three previous investigators, Kelmar Global was asked to coordinate efforts with the local law enforcement agency and have the citation served. The investigation involved Kelmar Global utilizing their extensive sources to track the defendant to Australia, Greenland and across the United States before successfully locating and serving the citation on the defendant who had fled to a small community in Tennessee.

Uncovering the Conflict

A law firm representing a national trucking company requested Kelmar Global initiate an investigation to determine whether or not one of their executives was engaged in a conflict of interest. The investigation resulted in documentation revealing the subject operated his own trucking company as well as being involved in his employer’s company. Through the use of professional surveillance techniques, Kelmar Global substantiated the conflict of interest by obtaining photographic documentation of the subject’s own trucks pulling the client’s trailers for his personal benefit.

Computer Break-In

A client believed their computer system was being compromised. Kelmar Global determined that the system had not been broken into through a modem. Hidden video cameras were located in wall clocks, smoke detectors, exit signs and other things and the company employee who was breaking into the computer was identified and the system secured.


Kelmar Global was asked to investigate the apparent embezzlement of more than $300,000 from a bank. After a complete analysis of the bank’s records, it was determined that more than $250,000 had been incorrectly documented due to improper book- keeping procedures.


Kelmar Global conducted surveillance on a man who had been sitting in a car when hit by a train. The subject was supposed to be a paraplegic. Our staff observed and obtained video of the subject playing baseball.

The Injured Employee

Kelmar Global initiated an investigation with reference to an alleged injury which an employee claimed occurred during employment. Kelmar Global uncovered information indicating the subject had been injured the evening before the alleged employment injury in a domestic argument. Surveillance also resulted in photographic documentation revealing the subject was actively employed while drawing worker’s compensation benefits.