San Antonio Security Consulting

Kelmar Global has a team of security consultants capable of providing professional assistance to our clients. Consultants include former law enforcement agents and leaders of corporate security. Kelmar Global enjoys the unique position of being large enough to provide the quality and attention our clients deserve while providing high-end results. We serve domestic and international clients alike from our corporate office in San Antonio, Texas.

Our Security Consulting clients include:

  • Government agencies
  • Utility companies
  • Grocery and retail
  • Transportation
  • Cargo and shipping
  • Construction
  • Public safety agencies
  • Planned communities

Kelmar Global: Providing High-End Security Consulting Results

We have hands-on experience with special issues related to neighboring countries, ports of entry, large cargo movements and influxes of population. Having served client’s needs from coast-to-coast, as well as internationally, our consulting services can be tailored for your specific requirements.

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Security Consulting – Threat & Loss Assessment

Kelmar Global conducts a review of security to determine weaknesses and liabilities including the probability of terrorist activity, breaches in security, etc. Although a major focus is the protection of assets, our analysis also evaluates the security of employees.

In addition, our security consultants provide recommendations for increasing security, including product suggestions and budgetary estimates. Our firm also conducts security reviews to determine how inventory and financial losses have, or may have, occurred.

At Kelmar Global, our security consultants can review:

  • System procedures
  • Monitoring of assets
  • Accountability
  • General security

Construction Consulting Services

Prior to construction, our consultants meet with all parties to determine security needs, assess the best products for the job and use architectural software (CAD) to produce architectural drawings for construction. Kelmar Global reviews current technology and provides budgetary estimates for implementation of the security measures.

We work with the client, architects, and general contractor to follow through with all phases until the project is completed and a final approval has been conducted.

Personal Protection Consulting

At Kelmar Global, we conduct a review of the political and government climates to determine the probability of an attack or kidnapping against a key employee and their family. Our security consultants analyze personal protection (homes, routes, schools, offices, etc.) and provide recommendations for preventing possible attacks.

Reviewing Policies & Procedure

When you work with Kelmar Global, our skilled consultants can review standard operating procedures, policies and manuals to assist our client in upgrading security standards. We also provide a review of in-house or third-party security guards, station orders, and coordination levels of personnel to ensure optimization of security services.

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