Alimony and Cohabitation Investigations

Kelmar Global specializes in alimony and cohabitation investigations, providing essential insights that can significantly impact spousal support and alimony agreements. Our experienced investigators are skilled in uncovering situations that may alter these legal obligations.

Investigative Services for Alimony Cases

Our services are crucial in cases where alimony obligations are in question. We focus on:

  • Evidence gathering to establish cohabitation of an ex-spouse with a new partner
  • Monitoring lifestyle changes that might affect alimony agreements
  • Verifying financial circumstances impacting spousal support

How Our Investigations Can Make a Difference

Kelmar Global’s thorough investigative approach can provide crucial evidence in legal disputes regarding alimony and cohabitation:

  • Detailed surveillance to prove or disprove cohabitation claims
  • Comprehensive background checks to assess financial status
  • Objective reporting to support or challenge alimony modifications

If you require assistance in an alimony or cohabitation case, contact Kelmar Global at (888) 873-1714. Our team is ready to provide the evidence needed to support your legal proceedings.

Expert Assistance in Alimony and Cohabitation Investigations

With Kelmar Global, you gain access to expert investigators who can significantly impact the outcome of alimony and cohabitation cases. Our discreet and professional approach ensures accurate and reliable results, empowering you in legal decisions.