Attorney Support Investigations: Comprehensive Legal Assistance

For decades, Kelmar Global has been a vital partner for law firms, providing in-depth investigative support in litigation, due diligence, and legal research. Our experience in diverse legal scenarios ensures that law firms have the evidence and information they need for success.

Fraudulent Business Practices

We investigate claims of fraud within businesses, uncovering deceptive practices that might involve financial manipulation, misrepresentation, or other unethical activities.

Embezzlement Cases

Our team specializes in exposing cases of embezzlement, meticulously tracing financial records and transactions to reveal misappropriation of funds within organizations.

Workers’ Compensation Issues

Kelmar Global investigates workers' compensation claims, helping law firms determine the validity of injury claims and uncover potential fraud.

Conflicts of Interest

We explore cases involving conflicts of interest, ensuring that all parties adhere to legal and ethical standards, particularly in corporate and business environments.

Product Liability Cases

Our investigators assist in product liability cases by gathering evidence on product defects, manufacturer negligence, and compliance with safety standards.

Criminal Investigations

Kelmar Global provides comprehensive support in criminal cases, offering services like evidence collection, witness interviews, and background checks.

Legal Support and Due Diligence

We offer thorough due diligence services, crucial for mergers, acquisitions, and other business transactions, ensuring that our clients have all necessary and relevant information.

Why Choose Kelmar Global?

  • Diverse Experience: Our team's background in federal, state, and corporate investigation provides a unique perspective on legal cases.
  • Award-Winning Service: As a top-ranked firm by P.I. Magazine, our commitment to excellence in legal investigations is unrivaled.
  • Global and Local Coverage: Operating from Texas with a worldwide reach, we offer our services both domestically and internationally.

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