Private Investigator Continuing Education Courses

PI Institute of Education - Texas Private Investigator Continuing Education - TALI Continuing Education - Private Investigator School
The PI Institute of Education was founded by Kelly E. Riddle to offer continuing education courses for Private Investigators and insurance adjusters. In addition, courses are offered to the general public as a way of introducing them to the PI industry. Courses are taught in 2, 4 and 8 hour segments and include such topics as:

The PI Institute has been providing Private Investigator Continuing Education since 1989 and is currently licensed to meet all state requirements in Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Florida and others. They are in the process of obtaining certification in other states. You can use the courses if pre-approved by your state board.

The PI Institute, a subsidiary of Kelmar Global, has trained more than 7,500 private investigators since 1989. Whether you are a seasoned investigator or new to the field, you will find their Private Investigator Continuing Education above average.

Take classes on-line in the comfort of your own home. Courses are unique and are new or recently updated! Watch the video presentation with PowerPoint and enjoy professional Private Investigator training at your leisure.

At the conclusion of the presentation you simply take a 20-25 question test and upon successful completion, receive your professional certificate of completion and the proper documentation for your state. Courses are designed as single, stand-alone training while seminars are a group of courses on a topic. Be sure to browse both to determine the best fit for your particular training requirements!