Workers Compensation Fraud Investigations

In the United States, fraudulent workers compensation claims account for 25% of all insurance fraud. Between 2005 and 2009, more than $25 billion was paid out for fraudulent and improper disability claims. If you have reason to believe that an employee or employer has committed insurance fraud, Kelmar Global Workers Compensation Fraud Investigations can help you gather the evidence you need to take action.

When you hire the Workers Compensation Fraud Investigations investigators at Kelmar Global, we can:

  • Use surveillance to examine the extent of a claimant’s injuries
  • Interview the claimant’s colleagues and witnesses of the accident
  • Gather evidence to help insurance companies deny invalid claims
  • Conduct a background check to look for any patterns of fraud
  • Look into the claimant’s medical and employment records

Call 24/7 – We Can Help You Uncover the Truth

Our seasoned Workers Compensation Fraud Investigators have helped countless insurance companies uncover the truth about invalid workers compensation claims. Whether an employee has exaggerated the extent of their injuries, lied about where the injury occurred, or filed multiple disability claims, the experts at Kelmar Global can collect the hard evidence you need to make a strong case against them.

For the help you need, call Kelmar Global today at (888) 873-1714.

Red Flags that May Indicate Insurance Fraud

Since 1989, the Workers Compensation Fraud Investigators at Kelmar Global have used high-tech surveillance techniques to gather evidence of workers’ comp fraud. We know all of the tricks employees and employers use to take advantage of the system, so you can count on our experts to get the information you need.

Some of the red flags we look for during Workers Compensation Fraud Investigations include:

  • The claimant is physically active, despite their “injuries”
  • There are no witnesses to the workplace injury or accident
  • Witness statements don’t match those made by the employee
  • The claimant cannot recall specific details about the accident
  • The injury correlates with pre-existing health problems

Named #1 in the U.S. By P.I. Magazine

Kelmar Global is led by a Certified Texas Investigator with more than 35 years of experience. Our Workers Compensation Fraud investigators are experts at uncovering the truth. In fact, we were chosen as #1 in the United States by P.I. Magazine and the National Association of Investigative Specialists. Our Workers Compensation Fraud investigators have also worked for state and federal law enforcement agencies and branches of the U.S. military.

What makes Kelmar Global the right choice? Consider the following:

  • Over 35+ years of experience
  • Our investigators take calls 24/7
  • Membership in 22 trade associations
  • Initial consultations are free
  • Chosen as #1 in the United States
  • Formerly worked for the military

If you are ready to speak with the Workers Compensation Fraud investigators at Kelmar Global, please contact us today to arrange your free case evaluation. We serve clients throughout the U.S. and internationally.